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At RIA, we understand that everyone is unique! We all have different home requirements, financial/claim history and perhaps additional items such as jewelry, recreational toys or vacation homes, or some Young drivers in your family!

At RIA, we will make sure we evaluate your risk for you and your family and formulate the best coverages at the best premium available!

We have teamed up with some of the best carriers, highly financially rated by AM Best in order to offer the absolute best options.

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Why RIA Insurance?

Because we care about you! We are looking for a long journey together. We have many carrier options, giving us the Power of Choice – and it all stays in house! If we decide to change carrier after our review together, we can make that change very easily as you are already established in our agency.

Get to know your agent! Having a same person working with you and your family over time!

We have teamed up with some of the best carriers, highly financially rated by AM Best in order to offer the absolute best options.

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Our Homes are one of our most important assets we own. Hence the importance to insure it properly!

At RIA, we strive to work with each homeowner to find the best coverages to cover your personal and individual risks. Because everyone is unique!


Driving is one risk that we take every day! Whether you are driving to work or just heading to the grocery store, it is very important to make sure you have insurance coverage for others and yourself. 

An accident is reported every 56 seconds! A moment of distraction can happen to all of us. Let’s make sure you have the right coverages so we can get you back on your feet and doing life again!


If you own a home or have accumulated some assets, you probably should think of getting an umbrella policy. Umbrella policy is strictly a liability policy and an additional layer of insurance that hovers over your Home (s) and Auto.


If you live in an apartment or rent a home, you most likely are required to have renters’ insurance. We want to make sure your property is covered, and you have sufficient liability coverage.

Dwelling Fire/Landlord

You might have purchased a home as an investment property and are renting it to others. The Dwelling Fire or Landlord policy is meant to insure the outer structure of your home. 

The idea is that the renters will have a renter’s policy to cover their own personal property inside the home. Many other coverages are available through endorsements.


Do you own a business? Do you have employees or vehicles that are operated by others? Let’s make sure we cover you for the risks that your business might open you up to!

We can cover you with a General Liability (GL), Business Owners Policy (BOP), Commercial Auto and/or Worker’s Compensation.

Boat and Watercraft

Boats and watercraft are fun but can present some risks to other and yourself as well! Let’s review and make sure we have the coverages necessary!

Recreational Vehicle

Just like your Autos, your RV, Motorcycle and/or ATV exposes you to increased Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Liability. We need to consider these additional risks in your unique insurance plan!


Flood losses are NEVER covered under a Homeowner’s insurance! If you think you could be at risk or if your home is located in a high risk flood zone, we should get a flood Insurance Policy.

Pet Insurance

For your wonderful little fur babies! Pet insurance can cover some of the regular wellness Vet visits and/or accidents! Most plans do not however cover any congenital diseases.


Life Insurance protects the ones you love when you are no longer able to do so. This is always a difficult subject to discuss but life in unpredictable and we need to make sure your loved ones will not inherit a financial burden.

Our goal is to make sure they will be able to continue the same standard of living as expected if you were there.

Together… Let’s Make a Difference!!

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